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What Is The Difference Between a Copywriter And a Content Manager?

A copywriter and a content manager are two different professions in the content field, but they are often intertwined. Here are the main differences between them:

Functions of a copywriter

A copywriter is responsible for creating textual content, such as articles, blog posts, advertising texts, press releases, etc. The main goal of a copywriter is to attract the audience’s attention, convince them of the benefits of a product or service, and encourage them to take action (e.g., purchase).

Functions of a content manager

A content manager plans, organizes, posts, and analyzes content on websites, social media, and other communication channels. He or she coordinates the work of copywriters, designers, developers, and other specialists involved in content creation.

Skills of a copywriter

A copywriter should have good writing skills, the ability to structure information, creative thinking, and the ability to work with words.

Content manager skills

A content manager should have organizational and analytical skills, an understanding of the technical aspects of content creation (e.g., SEO), and basic knowledge of writing, design, and social media.

The goal of a copywriter

The goal of a copywriter is to create effective text content that meets the client’s requirements and goals.

The goal of a content manager

The goal of the content manager is to develop and execute a content strategy that contributes to the achievement of the company’s business goals.

Depending on the company and the project, the roles of copywriter and content manager may be mixed or separated. In smaller companies, it’s common for one person to fulfill both roles, while in larger organizations or more complex projects, copywriters and content managers work together as a team.

Interaction of a copywriter with other specialists

Copywriters usually work in a team with other copywriters, editors, proofreaders, and designers. They may also work with marketers to understand the goals of an advertising campaign and how to reach the end user.

Interaction of the content manager with other specialists

Content managers coordinate the work of various specialists, such as copywriters, designers, videographers, analysts, marketers, and programmers, to ensure the integrity and interconnectedness of content across platforms.

Measuring the results of a copywriter

The success of a copywriter is usually measured by the quality of texts and their impact on the audience, the conversion rate of advertising materials, and the engagement of visitors.

Measuring the results of a content manager

The success of a content manager is measured by the achievement of business goals, such as improved visibility in search engines, increased website traffic, growth of social media audiences, and increased conversion.

To a certain extent, copywriters and content managers interact and support each other in the process of creating and posting content. However, the difference between them lies in their main functions, skills, goals, and interaction with other specialists.

Victoriia Hladka
Victoriia Hladka