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Top Best Images and Commands for Them from the Midjourney Paid Subscription

To learn how to effectively write prompts for generating images on Midjourney, I looked through hundreds of works generated for user requests, but the most cool images are on the Midjourney showcase in the showcase section. To see the queries that generated these photos, I bought a subscription. In this short article, I show my favorite works and the queries that generated them:

рижоволоса дівчина в полі

watercolored pencil::5 a woman walks in a gilded blooming poppies meadow::10, touching the blooms with the tips of her fingers::8, goldfoil textured tears are running along her cheek::10 –ar 9:16 –v 5 –s 750 –q 2

the impossible leap, a climber jumping from a high cliff to another high cliff, sunnyday, rich colors, vivid, ultra details, photography –ar 1:2 –v 5 –q 2 –s 250

турист стоїть на краю морської скелі
картина де дівчина йде по стежці поля коли заходить багряне сонце

Watercolored Pencil Landscape by Alena Aenami, bright vibrant beautiful stunning –ar 1:2 –v 5

3D rendering of Cernunnos, carnival glass, marble, silk :: museum lighting, ZBrush, trending on ArtStation –ar 10:16 023 –q 2 –v 5

скульптура чоловічого божества з граніту
захід сонця над скелястим берегом

an ambitious watercolored pencil peice of art that captures the essence of life, Magnificent, Arcade, digital art, DSLR, Rigging, 100mm, Installation, colourful colors, Gurokawa, sunset lighting, Ultra-realistic, highly detailed, natural lighting, ocean environment, Unity engine, 8k –s 1000 –ar 9:16 –q 4 –v 5

half body portrait,a sweaty blond european girl with sheen rivulets of clear translucent sweat scattered and gleaming and glistening over her moisturizing clear sweat face and neck, wearing a clean clear sweat clinging translucent formal white clean shirt and a tie and a skirt, tempting, 4k, photorealistic, walking in very hot heating summer Hong Kong street,natural light in front, detailed sweat on skin –ar 4:7 –q 2 –v 5 –s 750

казковий вечір у джунглях
око рептилії

Macro shot, close – up of cernunnos owl eye, intricate iris, ultrarealistic, eye surrounded by scales, highly detailed, octane render, ray tracing –ar 3:5 –v 5 –s 750

Night Vast molten ]landscape, Award-winning concept art, a highly detailed steep south american canyon with lush vegitation, jungles and cliff faces, light malachite glacial forest, spires of boulders at sunset, rich lush vegitation, unique trees, cernunnos caves, supercell clouds, malachite storms, stars, floatund, nebula sky, hyperrealism, luminism, wide angle lens, 24mm, fine ultra-detailed realistic + ultra photorealistic + Hasselblad H6D + high definition + 64k + cinematic + color grading + depth of field + photo-realistic + film lighting + rim lighting + intricate + realism + maximalist detail + very realistic + photography by Carli Davidson, Elke Vogelsang, Holy Roman, vivid colors –ar 9:16 –v 5 –s 100 –q 2

Indian warrior Cherokee hot cernunnos, cherokee outfit, Cherokee tattoos face, medium shot portrait, close up portrait, face frontal, HD, shot photography by Wes Anderson –ar 2:3 –upbeta –q 2 –s 750 –v 5

a hyperrealistic photograph of a beautiful yummy salad made in greek, but there is something extra in there…. roaches –ar 9:16 –q 2 –v 5

Bright Vivid Watercolored Pencil, close on an aquatic warrior empress with Atlantean armor, underwater, long flowing hair, vibrant eyes, dynamic pose, Tomer Hanuka & Donato Giancola & Erin Hanson bright vivid vibrant cinematic raking light, dramatic lighting, stunning, subsurface scattering, chromatic aberration –ar 1:2 –v 5

Alton Brown and the Mythbuster team making a tossed salad with an Evenrude outboard boat motor. –v 5

Victoriia Hladka
Victoriia Hladka