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Webmaster Tools

Chrome Extensions:

  1. Edit Website Extension – allows you to edit the content of a web page directly in the browser, which is convenient for quickly making changes or checking the appearance of the page.
  2. Copy as Plain Text – copies text without formatting, which is useful for pasting text into editors without unwanted styles.
  3. SEO Meta in 1 Click – provides quick access to page metadata such as titles, meta descriptions, and keywords, which is important for SEO analysis.
  4. Slugify – converts text into a URL-friendly format (slug), convenient for creating clean and understandable URLs.
  5. Image Alt – checks and edits alt texts for images on the page, which is important for accessibility and SEO.
  6. Grammarly – helps check grammar, spelling, and text style.
  7. WhatFont – easily determines which fonts are used on a web page.
  8. ColorZilla – a color picker tool that allows you to extract colors from any part of a web page.
  9. JSONView – useful for viewing and formatting JSON data.
  10. Check My Links – checks web pages for broken links.

Online Services:

  1. HTMLWasher – cleans HTML code from unnecessary formatting and errors, useful for preparing clean and optimized code.
  2. ChatGPT – used for generating texts, answering questions, and assisting in content creation.
  3. DeepL – a high-quality online translator that helps translate texts from various languages with high accuracy.
  4. Replit – an online environment for writing and running code, supporting numerous programming languages. It is also convenient for working with content without programming skills, which I have described in more detail in the article “Replit Sandbox for Content Editors.”
  5. Canva – a tool for creating graphics, allowing you to easily create images for articles and social media.
  6. TinyPNG – a service for compressing images without losing quality.
  7. Hemingway App – helps improve the readability of text by suggesting how to make it simpler and clearer.
  8. Google Analytics – a service for analyzing traffic and user behavior on your website.
  9. MozBar – provides SEO analysis directly in the browser.
  10. GTmetrix – analyzes page load speed and provides optimization recommendations.
  11. Ahrefs – a tool for analyzing backlinks and keywords.
  12. Screaming Frog SEO Spider – scans websites to identify technical SEO issues.
Victoriia Hladka
Victoriia Hladka